Friday, June 23, 2017

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

TONIGHT is the Cancer New Moon, the Adonis Moon of Antinous honouring our spouses, partners and significant others.

From the start, Antinous has always been identified with Adonis, as with the breath-taking Farnese statue of Antinous/Adonis above.

If you want to meditate with his image in mind or that of a loved one or lover then I would recommend holding some Onyx.

Typically black (although can be found in other colours) Onyx is a powerful stone which can help you to recognize and integrate the dualities we often have within us such as homotheosis - man = god, god = man. 

This will lead to better self-control. Onyx can also improve stamina..!

Every New Moon my love Soman and I write down our intentions and aspirations for the coming moon phase. 

We stand under the moon and read an incantation over them asking for the blessing of the goddess.

We then place them under the pillows we sleep on until the next Full Moon ... in two weeks' time.

Then we read an incantation of thanks and offering while burning the intentions in a cauldron. I then soak the ashes in water and sprinkle them around the base of our roses. 

Our intentions almost always come true and our roses are magnificent. Last year, one orange rose was still flowering in mid November!

So tonight might be a very good night to start such a cycle for yourselves folks!

Love and Moon Light

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TONIGHT's Cancer New Moon is the moon of romantic renewal which we call the ADONIS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic ... the lunar phase which enhances partnerships.

Each lunar phase represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the Adonis Moon is the Perfect Lover.

This is the Spirit which dwells in each gay heart. It is the ultimate friend, partner, soul mate and lover.

This Spirit embodies the perfection of a gay relationship, the perfect friend, the perfect companion.

This Spirit defies all conventions and may not conform to societal formats for partnership, but it nonetheless constitutes the perfect partner.

To paraphrase a classic Grace Jones song, this  Spirit may not be perfect, but this spirit is perfect for you.

Throughout history, Antinous has always been identified with Adonis, the god of beauty and desire, and a central figure in various mystery religions. The statue shown here is of Antinous in his guise as Adonis.

Adonis is one of the most complex figures in classical times. He has had multiple roles, and there has been much scholarship over the centuries concerning his meaning and purpose in Greek religious beliefs. He is an annually-renewed, ever-youthful vegetation god, a life-death-rebirth deity whose nature is tied to the calendar.

His name is often applied in modern times to handsome youths, of whom he is the archetype. Adonis is often referred to as the mortal god of Beauty.

Rituals and meditations tonight are best suited for focusing on your partner ... or how to find a partner ...  or simply a good night for being with your partner.

Friday, June 16, 2017

By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR astrology adviser Hernestus has prompted me that today's moon phase is the Pisces Third Quarter - the Antinous Lotus Moon.

Hernestus describes this moon as being about wish-fulfilment through determined faith.

Now crystals are mostly there to help you to focus on your needs in the moment rather than helping you to achieve anything ahead of time.

However there are some crystals which are attuned to the future so will attune you to it too.

I recommend that you write down your wishes/desires and hold them as you meditate (with or without crystals).

Focus your attention through the paper and crystal/s and back into your heart.

I recommend using:

Orange Calcite - These pretty stones (top photo) remove fear and balance the emotion so that you are open and ready for positives to enter your life. 

Apatite - These are the best crystals to use for manifesting your desires. They are both attuned to the future and past lives so you can consider the spectrum of your lives and set out your wishes for your future and your future selves. They are typically blue or yellow. Choose the blue for manifesting your desires.

Love and Crystalline Light,

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THE LOTUS MOON is what we call the PISCES THIRD QUARTER MOON which occurs at this time of year around the time when we celebrate the rise of the STAR OF ANTINOUS.

Tonight's LOTUS MOON means the next week will be a time of joyous anticipation of something big which is just beyond the horizon.

In ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC each phase of the Moon represents a Divine Spirit or Archetype. The Spirit of the LOTUS MOON is the Spirit of Yearning. It is the Spirit which lives in the hearts of people who sit and wait by the phone for their lover to call, or who look out the window in anticipation of the arrival of their beloved. It is the Spirit of the child who cannot sleep on Christmas Eve. 

It is perhaps the most spiritual of all the Lunar Phase Spirits because it knows that its wait will not be in vain. It is waiting for something it knows must and will come to pass.

It is what the Portuguese call "SAUDADE," a bitter-sweet longing for someone or something just out of reach. Waiting for your ship to come in — and knowing it WILL come in. It is the anticipation of waiting at an airport arrivals lounge for a special friend you have met online in a chat room, but never met in person — the inexpressible joy/anxiety of knowing something big is about to happen. 

This is a very special emotion that every gay knows how to savor. It is like putting off unwrapping the birthday present from your sweetheart as long as possible, just so you can savor the anticipation a bit longer. 
This is the SACRED ANTINOUS LOTUS which rises from the surface of the Nile and which slowly opens its blossoms during the day — yearning for sunlight — and closes its petals again at night in anticipation of the next sunrise.

The key to understanding the LOTUS MOON in your life, and working with it in ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC, is that it represents a yearning for something you are certain will most definitely occur. It is not an illusion. You are not waiting in vain. Like waiting for the lotus to open its petals again, you know it will happen and you yearn for it to do so.



You Will Require: A candle of the color symbolizing your heart's desire.

Choose a pink candle for love, sex and passion; red/orange for energy; a Nile green candle for health; gold/yellow for confidence, attraction or persuasion; turquoise for serenity, vision dreams, clairvoyance; lapis-lazuli blue for success, luck; a white candle for purification and protection from enemies.

Light the candle during the LOTUS MOON phase tonight or tomorrow, depending on your local time zone. The "CURRENT MOON" box in the right-hand column on this page is calibrated to your local time. When it displays "Third Quarter" and shows the left-hand half of the moon's face illuminated while the right-hand half is dark — then you can light your candle and concentrate on your wish, believing wholeheartedly that it WILL come to pass.

Call out to ANTINOUS THE GAY GOD to see into your heart to fulfill the wish that resides there. Continue meditating on the flame until the candle burns about halfway down, or until your heart tells you to extinguish the flame.

Re-light the candle on succeeding evenings until the Gemini New Moon seven nights later — which is the MERCURY MOON of wish fulfillment. Don't worry if the candle burns all the way down prior to the New Moon. It means your wish has been heard. Remember ALWAYS to follow your gay spiritual heart. Do that, and the Archetype Spirit of the LOTUS MOON ensures that your yearning will not be in vain.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

ASTRO FORECAST: JUNE 15th—25th, 2017

Antinous Astrology Forecast

JUNE 15th to 25th, 2017

THURSDAY, June 15th, 2017

On Thursday obstacles may suddenly arise out of no where when Saturn makes its annual 180-degree opposition aspect to the Sun. This is a time for about two days every year when you are forced to stop and take stock of what progress you have made so far this year and to recalibrate and possibly change your course for the rest of the year. It can also be a weekend when you literally find yourself stuck in traffic. So plan accordingly.

FRIDAY, June 16th, 2017

On Friday two big events occur. First, Neptune turns Retrograde and begins retracing its steps through dreamy Pisces from now until November 22nd. Retrograde Neptune in intuitive Pisces means there will be an atmosphere of nostalgia and yearning for a return to the "good old days" — which were maybe not all that good to start with. Nostalgia reigns during Retrograde Neptune in Pisces! On the negative side, Retrograde Neptune in Pisces causes addictive behaviour to resurface. But on the positive side, Retrograde Neptune shines a spotlight on the arts and spirituality. Don't be surprised when recurring dreams revisit you in coming weeks and months. ANTINOUS THE MOON GOD is using Retrograde Neptune to remind you of unfinished dream work. This is your chance to practice Dreamscaping ... consciously manipulating your dreams. You are the dreamer. You can do anything you want to do in your dreams.

Also on Friday, we come to the Pisces Third Quarter Moon, which is what we call the THE LOTUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic. The LOTUS MOON means the weekend will be a time of joyous anticipation of something big which is just beyond the horizon. It is perhaps the most spiritual of all the Lunar Phase Spirits because it knows that its wait will not be in vain. It is waiting for something it knows must and will come to pass. It is a perfect night for casting the Antinous Moon Magic "Lotus Moon Spell" to obtain your heart's desire.

SATURDAY, June 17th, 2017

On Saturday luck smiles on you when the convivial Gemini Sun forms a fortuitous sextile aspect with winner-takes-all Aries Uranus. Your mind will be brimming with creative ideas and new solutions for stubborn old problems.

SUNDAY, June 18th, 2017

On Sunday Mercury-opposite-Saturn brings serious thinking and conversation, but also negativity and sadness. Poor self-esteem can lead to communication difficulties and isolation.There is the possibility of some bad news or very challenging situations arising, especially if you have been neglectful in some way earlier. However, it is likely that you will be seeing the worst in every situation. This is not a day for making important decisions, especially about relationships. Also avoid signing contracts or making big investments. You may have a critical eye can are liable to make mistakes.

MONDAY, June 19th, 2017

On Monday is a great time to take in an art exhibit ... or create art yourself ... when Taurus Venus is in a creative sextile with Retrograde Pisces Neptune. Trust your intuition on all matters of money and love. And when you go out this week, you can expect old-fashioned romance because Retrograde Pisces Neptune loves nostalgia.

TUESDAY, June 20th, 2017

On Tuesday you may want to break loose and go off alone on some impromptu adventure when Mercury forms a sextile aspect with Uranus. If you are stuck at home with family or people you would rather avoid, this can create intolerable tensions and the desire to walk out and jump in the car and speed away. But if you have the week to yourself, this creates the perfect atmosphere for doing something new and different without anyone holding you back.

WEDNESDAY, June 21st, 2017

On Wednesday the Solstice occurs at just about 3:33 a.m. British time — beginning a day of revelry for the throngs at Stonehenge. This is also a great day as far as communications are concerned when the Cancer Sun aligns with Mercury in perfect conjunction. This is the best day of the year to make deals and sign agreements. For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere this is the Summer Solstice and the days start getting shorter. For those of you in the Southern Hemisphere this is the Winter Solstice and spring will soon be on the way.

THURSDAY, June 22nd, 2017

On Thursday you will begin to feel all emotional now that both the Sun and Mercury are in Cancer. In particular, Mercury has left its home base of Gemini and entered emotion-oriented Cancer, so that your Conscious Mind will find itself engulfed in emotions during its brief visit of only two weeks to Cancer. This is the time to give voice to your emotions.

FRI-SATURDAY, June 23rd/24th, 2017

Overnight Friday-Saturday things get really romantic when Venus and Pluto bring good fortune to long-term relationships by means of a gentle trine aspect which cements relationships. In addition, we come to the CANCER NEW MOON. In ANTINOUS MOON MAGIC we call this the ADONIS MOON ... the lunar phase which enhances relationships ... Antinous has always been identified with Adonis, the god of beauty and desire, and a central figure in various mystery religions ... Adonis is the divine ideal lover ... Rituals and meditations tonight are best suited for focusing on your lover ... or how to find a lover ... or simply a good night for being with your lover.

SUNDAY, June 25th, 2017

On Sunday Mars gets all crabby and antagonistic when the war god is in a square-off against exaggeration-prone Jupiter. You might even feel a bit crab-like yourself. With Mars in Cancer, we are emotional, easily offended and defensive. Mars in Cancer can be passive-aggressive and manipulative and unforgiving! Jupiter intensifies these energies to the max.


Another exciting week lies ahead between June 26th and July 2nd when we come to the Libra First Quarter Moon, the beautiful moon of balance and equilibrium we call the VENUS MOON in Antinous Moon Magic ... This is Venus Genetrix, the Mother of Rome ... Rituals and meditations tonight are best suited for questions about your mother or your "inner mother" and also about finding flexible solutions to problems. The serpentine qualities of the "Snake Goddess Moon" offer insights into how to slither around or through seemingly impervious barriers in life ... More details next time ....

Sunday, June 11, 2017


ON JUNE 11th, the Religion of Antinous celebrates the Rise of the Star of Antinous.  This is the date in our Liturgical Calendar when the Constellation of Antinous begins to rise over the horizon at sunset. It is visible on the eastern horizon along the banks of the Milky Way.

Wherever you live on Earth, you can see the Constellation of Antinous on starry nights from mid-June through late October when, in synchronicity with the Death of Antinous in late October, the Star of Antinous descends below the western horizon in the glare of the setting sun.

The Constellation of Antinous is no longer recognized by astronomers (just as Pluto has been demoted to the rank of "dwarf planet"). But it is still visible from any point on Earth nestled between Sagittarius and Capricorn and in the talons of Aquila (the Eagle Constellation) representing the Imperial Eagle which carried Antinous to lofty heights.

The most visible identifiers are the three bright stars of Aquila — Altair at the crown of his head, Tarazad, and Alshain. Alshain is derived from Arabic for "Two Friends" which astrologers have cited as a hint as to how to interpret the Sign of Antinous.

The Star of Antinous is however difficult to see. Most people cannot see it at all. You won't find it on any star chart. Like the Star of Bethlehem, it is a mystery and a conundrum about which many theories have been written.

And even if you could see it, the light which reaches your eyes would have left the star thousands of years ago — perhaps about the time that Emperor Hadrian discovered the star.

The simple truth of the matter — and the most beautiful facet of all — is the fact that Hadrian discovered the Star of Antinous with his own tear-filled eyes as he looked skyward in grief after the death of his beloved Antinous. Distraught and weeping, the emperor stood under the canopy of the star-studded heavens and looked up the River Nile towards the spot where his Beloved Boy had died. And he saw a new star which he recognized as a celestial sign that the gods had taken Antinous to be one of them.

You have to realize that Hadrian was a keen astronomer/astrologer himself. He knew the heavens like the back of his hand and he was so adept at casting horoscopes that it was said he had determined the exact hour of his death. He built an observatory at his sumptious villa outside Rome. And the tour of Egypt had brought him into contact with the finest Egyptian magician/priests, one of whom taught him how to cast a binding spell which could give him dream-visions and could also cause someone to fall hopelessly in love with him or — depending on how it was cast — even cause that person to die in agony.

Hadrian was that sort of control freak. Despite the fact that he was the mightiest man on Earth who could send a man to death on a whim (and did so, on occasion), he also wanted control over the future. And he wanted to be able to force someone to love him and never, never leave him.

Much has been theorized about those fateful final days leading up to the death and deification of Antinous and Hadrian's discovery of the STAR OF ANTINOUS.

Yes, much has been written about these events and about Hadrian's obsession with magic and astrology and soothsayers. One of the more fanciful versions was published in a novel in the mid-1950s by the German author Ernst Sommer. Entitled simply Antinous, the novel suggests Antinous sacrificed his own life to save his beloved emperor during the imperial tour of Egypt in the year 130 AD.

The dramatic climax of the plot has Hadrian lying in a villa in Hermopolis, feverish and at death's door after having been bitten by a mosquito. The emperor writhes in bed, calling out Antinous's name. The Empress Sabina and heir-apparent Lucius, jealous but also fearful that the presence of Antinous might further agitate the emperor, issue orders that the boy be kept away from the emperor.

After several daring attempts to sneak into the villa, Antinous is finally put under house arrest aboard an imperial vessel anchored a few miles upstream near the fallen-down Temple of Bes (the future site of the Sacred City of Antinoopolis). Lucius has ordered that he be put in irons to prevent him from sneaking off to visit Hadrian. But the guards cannot bring themselves to place the beauteous boy in irons, in defiance of Lucius's orders. Instead, they merely confine him to his quarters below deck with a single porthole overlooking the nighttime waters of the Nile.

Sensing that the emperor is dying, Antinous realizes his love for Hadrian is boundless and that nothing can keep them apart. Thinking back to his discussions about life and death with Jewish Rabbis, Christian clerics and Egyptian priests of Osiris, he realizes that the day has come. The hour has arrived. It is time to surrender everything he has — in a pure act of love that will transform everything.

He opens the porthole hatch and sees an unusually bright star which seems to beckon. He steps out of his clothes and leaves them (his last earthly possessions) lying in a heap on the floor. He climbs deftly out the porthole and slips quietly into the water.

At the same moment, Hadrian breathes his last breath, to the horror of Sabina and Lucius and the others who are gathered at his bedside. In a state now beyond physical life, Hadrian opens his eyes to see Anubis standing before him with outstretched hands, lifting him out of bed and guiding him away down many dark corridors. At last, Hadrian is taken through a massive portal and into a chamber where Thoth is waiting beside scales placed before Osiris.

Thoth begins the Weighing of the Heart ceremony as Osiris asks who this person is who seeks admittance to his realm. In the midst of the solemn proceedings there is a loud banging at the portal and Anubis announces that someone has arrived to offer his own heart in exchange for the emperor's heart, so that Hadrian might live and walk the earth again. That person is standing unseen just outside the portal. After brief discussion, the Egyptian deities acknowledge that the Law of Maat specifically envisions such an exchange and that, indeed, it is the most sacred and powerful of covenants — surrendering one's own heart on the Scales of Truth for that of a loved one. Such love cannot be denied. The offer cannot be denied.

Genesthoi — So Be It Done!

Back at the death bed in the Hermopolis villa, Hadrian gasps suddenly and his eyelids fly open, to the amazement of everyone who thought he had just expired. Sensing what has happened, he speaks hoarsely of a vivid dream involving deities. He looks around and demands to know where Antinous is.

"Where is he? What have you done with him? I know he would be here at my side if he were physically able. Bring him to me at once!"

But as Sabina and Lucius stammer excuses, and before the runners can summon Antinous, a boat crewman bursts into the room with the news that Antinous is missing and presumed to have drowned in the Nile.

Hadrian suffers a relapse, but the Egyptian magic is well done. So he cannot die this time. As the search for Antinous continues, with hope waning each day, Hadrian retreats to the rooftop observatory of the villa in Hermopolis which has been placed at his disposal by a wealthy Hermopolite. The emperor stares into the heavens night after night, refusing to give up hope that Antinous might yet be alive, perhaps dazed and confused and lost somewhere along the river.

Then one night he looks into the heavens and sees the proof that he has been looking for since the disappearance of Antinous. He summons the empress and Lucius and the entire court and also calls for the chief astrologer of the Temple of Thoth in Hermopolis to come quickly.

He informs them that a new star has appeared in the heavens and that it is a celestial sign that Antinous has left this earthly existence to ascend to the pantheon of the gods. He has surrendered everything on behalf of his beloved emperor, just as he had always said he would. Everyone thinks Hadrian has suffered another relapse and is delusional with fever. But the astronomer arrives and swiftly confirms that the sharp-eyed emperor has indeed discovered an uncharted star.

As Hadrian leaves to issue orders for the deification of Antinous, construction of the city at the spot where he drowned and erection of temples throughout the world, the astronomer remains behind in the rooftop observatory with the wealthy owner of the house. Where precisely is this new star, the owner asks. "I know quite a bit about the stars for an amateur, but I can't for the life of me see anything at the spot in the heavens where Caesar was pointing just a while ago."

The astronomer says that the new star is definitely there and that astronomers throughout the world will confirm its existence and it will be recorded duly in all the star charts.

"Yes, but can't you point it out to me?" the wealthy man pleas. "I'm straining my eys looking, but I just can't see anything."

The astronomer answers, "And that is why you will never be a good astronomer. You scan the heavens with your eyes, but not with your heart."

So Hadrian looked into the nighttime skies and discovered a new star to point the way to that new religion. As a scholar and man of science he was able to see it with his own two eyes. Perhaps it was a super-nova which flared and then went out — who knows? He saw it and his court astronomers confirmed it and the Constellation of Antinous was recorded in the star charts for 19 centuries to come.

But more importantly, Hadrian discovered the Star of Antinous shining in his heart. The Death of Antinous showed him a way to make his vision of the perfect religion a reality on Earth. It was the Light he was seeking. It was the Light of Antinous.

So when you look up into the nighttime skies tonight in search of the Star of Antinous, don't be surprised if you can't find it with your physical eyes. You can't find it in physical space, which is why Flamen Antinoalis Antonius Subia calls it the Dark Star of Antinous. Look inside your heart and you will find it shining there with all the beauty of a dream of perfection ....

Lumen Antinoi Adiuva Nos!

(Light of Antinous, Sustain Us!)

Thursday, June 8, 2017


By Our Crystal Meditation Advisor Martin Campbell

OUR astrology advisor Hernestus has reminded me that today's moon is the Antinous Denarius Moon (Sagittarius Full Moon).

With its focus on finding wealth in your pocket, life, experience, health and people, I would recommend that you meditate using the following crystals:

Aventurine - These beautiful stones are typically pale blue but can be found in other colours/colors. They have many attributes but, for this full moon, the key aspect is that they are very positive stones for prosperity. They also bring mental clarity to help you achieve your prosperity.

Citrine - These beautiful yellow/gold crystals have been well known for centuries as stones of abundance. They help you achieve the wealth you seek in any aspect of your life. A joyful crystal, Citrine also helps you to share your wealth thus bringing other aspects of wealth to you such as the trust, love and friendship of those you help but also building an abundant respect and love of yourself for doing so.

Place a Citrine in the left corner of every room in your home and allow it/ trust it to bring wealth/abundance into your life.

In Light and Life,

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